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Hsiu-Chi House Have fun in Taipei

Uni Piazza attracts famous business into the plaza such as 7-11, STARBUCKS, LEECO, College Optometry, Shiu Yuan Center. Over hundreds popular brand name stores will be opened at the first floor in order for the consumer to have a wide variety of choices and satisfy their needs. On the second floor, it will include many high-class Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese restaurants with different food selections. Nearby the sidewalk, there is an outdoor café for people to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with delicious coffee in the metropolitan area.
◎ By Walk:1 minutes (Exit from the front lobby, turn left onto Siyuan St)

NTU Campus is located at very cultivated Gongguan area. During the month of March, it’s azalea blossom season and scattered around the ample school campus. It’s especially noticeable from the front gate on Hsin-Shen South Road straight to the palm tree boulevard pathway. The colorfulness of azalea flower turns the whole school campus into a very spring like atmosphere. All four seasons, the pounds are surrounded by willow trees and stunning Japanese architecture from the colonial era beautify the campus and it is as if you are in a forest with all these tress and plants.
Famous NTU Attractions:
Royal Palm Blvd
Fu Bell
Fu Ssu-nien Memorial Garden
Drunken Moon Lake
Liugongjun Pool
NTU Agricultural Experimental Farm
◎By Walk:10 minutes (From Hsiu Chi House to Roosevelt Road, go down to the underground pathway and across the street, it’s the NTU campus)

In between NTU School campus and Hsiu Chi House is the famously known shopping district, Gongguan Marketplace. It includes entertainment, gourmet food, shopping stores for all the visitors and locals. The food selection ranged from American, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Burma, and much more international cuisines. In addition, there are many top rated delicious food from food stands to choose from and enjoy the feast.
◎By Walking:three minutes only from Hsiu Chi House and walking toward Tinzhou Road.

Taipei Water Park offers Water Country Park, Nursery in Water Source Site, Ecology Hiking Trail, Aqua Friendly Experiencing Area, Water Resource Educational Hall, and a creative designed Museum of Drinking Water. The water park was constructed based on baroque architecture style. Inside the museum, the timeline depicts the historical advancement of Taiwan water resource in the past one hundred years.
◎ By Walking:Walk for one minute (just across the street from the residential house)

Guting Riverside Park located under the Yongfu Bridge. It is formally known as Taipei largest water pumping station in the early years and the water pumping devices are remaining on the site for historical use. At the entrance of riverside park, there is ChingFu Bicycle Rental Station for visitors and residents to rent bikes to ride on the trail and enjoy the beautiful riverside scenery as well as flower blossoming during four seasons.
◎ By Walk:3 minutes walking distance(Walking from residential house toward Yongfu Bridge)
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